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GUM® is owned by SUNSTAR, a leading Japanese company operating in the business sectors of oral care, health and beauty, safety, and environment. SUNSTAR believes in a holistic approach to health and strives to provide products and services that help people everywhere achieve a better quality of life.

SUNSTAR believes that the state of our oral health has a deep connection to the health of our whole body. We have pioneered this idea and continue to champion it in partnership with dental and medical specialists throughout the world.

Building on a basic philosophy of prevention, innovation, and quality, GUM® invests in research and development to build solutions based on solid science that keep gums healthy for life. We are leading the way with new solutions that can help address systemic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, which may be caused by poor gum health and gum disease.

We want to offer oral care professionals peace of mind when providing patient care. Our promise to you is to deliver advanced, holistic gum care, learning and support.


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