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The power of chlorella microalgae

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a tiny freshwater algae with incredible properties. Thanks to its unique composition of nutrients, chlorella is the ideal complement to a healthy diet. Chlorella in Reu-Rella® is rich in vitamin B12 (optimal for vegans) and has a high protein content. The algae, which is low in fat, and high in fibre and vital substances, is also suitable for various applications in natural medicine.

As a natural companion, chlorella provides the ideal support for support detoxification remedies. In addition, the microalgae also supports digestion and promotes the growth of healthy microflora in the intestine.

To process the chlorella, Reu-Rella® uses a patented spray-drying process that ensures the particularly high bio-availability of the valuable nutrients. The cell walls are broken open by a gentle, patented compression process, with all vitamins and minerals preserved.

Reu-Rella® tablets contain 100% pure chlorella from controlled outdoor cultivation. Free from unwanted additives or fillers.


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