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With 4 flavours and without nicotin against smoking!

The trend towards "plant-based" shows us what Swiss people are looking for: a healthy and natural lifestyle. One of the biggest violations against this lifestyle is still the consumption of nicotine. But smoking is still a unifying theme. Casual smokers know this: after a meal, smokers go outside to smoke a "digestive cigarette". Many join in - even though they don't smoke at all. It is not uncommon for such habits to lead to smoking. "This must end!". That's what a young start-up from England thought. They then developed a product - completely without nicotine, only with plant extracts from organic farming.

FULL PLANT POWER - without nicotine

Ripple+ is not a vaporiser, Ripple+ is an aromatic diffuser with a holistic twist. It uses only natural plant extracts and lab-tested aromas. Ripple+ offers a healthier and non-addictive alternative for consumers looking to alleviate their nicotine addiction through aromatherapy.

The English company strives to provide the healthiest alternative on the market by removing unnecessary and addictive chemicals, producing only the bare minimum of vapour and facilitating oral fixation (the feeling smokers describe as pleasant when they can inhale a thick smoke).

The goal is to rid the world of nicotine!


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