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Stop Hémo

Stops bleeding quickly and reliably!

Stop Hémo is a haemostatic and wound healing range of first aid products. The products are of plant origin (algae) and are available as swabs, plasters and powder. They are efficient in everyone, including people with bleeding and wound healing disorders.

Laboratoires pharmaceutiques BROTHIER, manufacturer of Stop Hémo and independent French SME, specialises in the use of biopolymers extracted from algae, for the purposes of haemostasis and wound healing.

From the middle of the 20th century, BROTHIER, a global pioneer in the field of calcium alginates, developed the first industrial procedures for transforming the biopolymers contained in algae into textile form.

The high-technology dressings, cavity ropes, pad dressings and powders obtained in this way are used for a number of medical purposes, from the treatment of epistaxis to the care of highly complex wounds in a hospital setting.


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