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Uhlmann Eyraud is a company specialised in selling healthcare products. Founded in 1878, this Swiss family business markets and distributes top international brands of over-the-counter products throughout Switzerland, true to the company’s maxim: WE ROCK BRANDS!


F. Uhlmann-Eyraud SA

Information Covid-19

Dear customers, dear customers,

The current situation due to the coronavirus requires exceptional measures.  In order to protect our sales force employees and to comply with the currently valid ordinance of the FOPH on "extraordinary situations", we have suspended sales force activities with immediate effect.  Nevertheless, it is our primary goal to provide you with professional support as a competent partner, even in the current difficult situation. Our customer service and field staff can be contacted at any time by telephone or e-mail.

In these difficult times, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that business operations continue as normal. Nothing will change in the order process and delivery via wholesalers and our logistics partner Galliker Transport AG is guaranteed. We look forward to visiting you again personally at the appropriate time. For the time ahead, we wish you and your team much strength, all the best and, above all, good health.

Kind regards,

F. Uhlmann-Eyraud SA | Dabso SA
The Management Board, 17.03.2020

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We rock brands!

The stage is set for Ohropax ear plugs

«The bringer of quiet has been helping us in our loud and hectic world for over 100 years now»

The harmful effects of noise on hearing are well known. OHROPAX offers earplugs made of various materials. All have excellent sound insulation values, are comfortable to wear and are suitable for different noise conditions. It is best to test which OHROPAX cap is the most comfortable for you.

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A selection of our brands


The harmful effects of noise on hearing are well known. OHROPAX offers earplugs made of various materials. All have excellent sound insulation values, are comfortable to wear and are suitable for different noise conditions. It is best to test which OHROPAX cap is the most comfortable for you.



The COMPEED® range includes products specially developed for foot care: various plasters to treat calluses and blisters, an anti-blister stick, and further wound care products to deal with issues such as chapped fingers, corns and cold sores.



Passion is at the heart of what we do. It is the result of the unwavering creative commitment and the particularly keen sense of detail that characterise Epitact® products. Whether in podiatry or orthopaedics, Epitact is the expert par excellence and offers a wide range of innovative products. This applies to feet, hands, knees and ankles so that people who are restricted in their freedom of movement in everyday life can enjoy walking, exercise and sport again.



GUM® is owned by SUNSTAR, a leading Japanese company operating in the business sectors of oral care, health and beauty, safety, and environment. SUNSTAR believes in a holistic approach to health and strives to provide products and services that help people everywhere achieve a better quality of life.



The underwear with integrated absorption insert combines effectiveness, comfort, discretion and elegance. Viita has developed the elegant washable cotton underwear, which keeps you dry all day long, so that bladder weakness does not negatively affect your everyday life.



Der Menstruationsbecher Claricup ist eine gesunde und verantwortungsbewusste Alternative zum massiven Gebrauch von Binden und Tampons. Dieser neue Hygieneschutz ist innovativ, kostengünstig, praktisch und ökologisch. Er ist umweltfreundlich, biokompatibel und wird in Frankreich hergestellt. Seien auch Sie verantwortungsvoll, indem Sie zum Menstruationsbecher Claricup wechseln!


Brumisateur Evian

With Brumisateur® evian, pure Alpine water is always within easy reach. Thanks to the mineral composition and the neutral pH value of the evian water, Brumisateur® evian refreshes and refines all skin types.



Kandoo wet wipes for the whole family !

Kandoo wet wipes can be safely used by adults and children of all ages. We recommend the dermatologically tested and skin-friendly Kandoo wet wipes for the whole family: Clinical studies have shown that they achieve up to 30% better results than toilet paper alone. We also offer 'Sensitive' wet wipes for sensitive skin and 'Aquas' wet wipes for many uses.


A pioneer on the healthcare market.

Mineral water and hygiene products are the first items in which Frédéric Uhlmann-Eyraud traded. To this end, he founded the company Uhlmann Eyraud S.A. in Geneva in 1878. Just 25 years later, the business expanded into German-speaking Switzerland.



F. Uhlmann-Eyraud SA

Our success stories

Brumisateur® evian®

For more than 30 years, Uhlmann Eyraud has been promoting the evian® Brumisateur® brand and making this small spray can a must have available through different channels - pharmacies/drugstores, supermarkets and kiosks.


Ohropax and Uhlmann Eyraud, a partnership for more than 80 years. Ohropax has long been one of the leading German brands. With 35 employees, more than 30 million earplugs are produced every year, which bring peace and quiet to the greatest pleasure of the customers.


We are proud to have introduced the Epitact brand to the Swiss market together with Millet Innovation many years ago. Since then, we have shared the passion and commitment of the podiatry and orthopedics expert to offer the highest quality products to give customers back their smiles and exceed their expectations time and time again.


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